Welcome to Yashvantrao Chavan English School , Mangrulpir

Shri. Motiramji Thakare Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Kasola, the management committee was realized that education is the most important part of the progress of human being. As we look around in our area, we felt a great need of modern and update education. Therefore, by the blessing of God, Shri Motiramji Thakare education society, has been established in 1983 for the noble and great course, The education s ciety has spread its wings in various faculties of education development such as High School, Arts & Science College, D.Ed. College, B.P.Ed. College, Y.C. Military School, Y.C. Primary English School and Yashavantrao Chavan English High School has begun 2010 in order to give proper and morden English education which is dire need of society. Our School furnishes all around facilities to the students. The school has been leading teaching and providing proper guidance and the latest knowledge the ther student since 2010. It has simple and comprehensive syllabus which even average student can grasp easily. It has our dream " our students should speak fluently and write correct English to face challenges of ths advance world."

FROM Principal's DESKā€¦..

Miss. Sanjivani Janrao Ingole