:: Rules & Regulations ::

  • Instruction for Enrolled Students :
    1. 85% attendance is compulsory.
    2. All enrolled students must strictly follow library rules displayed on library notice board.
    3. It is compulsory to attend and pass all units tests and annual test exam with minimum passing marks.
    4. The school campus, building, ground, garden etc, should be kept clean and beautiful.
    5. Attend all the academic activities timely conducted by the school.
    6. Any document through the office will be issued generally after three day of students application.
    7. It is compulsory to attend the school in time for the flag hoisting on 15th August and 26thJanwary.
    8. School gathering shall be effected as per the time table and rules decided b the school.
    9. Don't misbehave with the students, not-teaching staff, Teachers, Principal or any other person in the school camps.
    10. Do not bring keeps or assist the bearer of weapons explosive, chemicals etc in the school campus.

  • Rules for vehicle stand :
    1. Only students are allowed to use the cycle stand.
    2. School identify card is necessary to use the cycle stand.
    3. Cycle Placed at cycle stand must have locked otherwise school shall not be responsible.

  • Clarification of financial responsibilities:

    Dear Parents,
    We are excited that you are considering Yashwantrao Chavan Primary English School Mangrulpir as an option for your kids future and we know that finance is important part of that consideration. We have been committed to keeping our cost as low possible. As you know our school is non-aided, that's why you should have to pay the fees.

    1. Two Passport size colour photograph of students
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Caste Certificate T.C. (Parents)
    4. Blood group report card.
    5. Aadhar card Xerox copy.

  • Instruction for parents :
    1. Parents are the teachers share the equal responsibilities for the development of the ward.
    2. Check Overall educational performance of your child time to time.
    3. Ask, him daily about homework and check, whether he is completely his finish H.W. or not.
    4. Parents should drop and pick, up their child on time. Frequent late comers will be penalties.
    5. Your child should come in neat, clean tidy full uniform.
    6. Encourage your child to participate all educational activities.
    7. Complaint and suggestion should be participating to principal.
    8. Parents are not allowed to go in to the class expect principal permission.
    9. Keep away your child from T.V. And allow your child to watch some healthy and educational programmed.
    10. Mischievous and rude behavior will not be tolerated but punished heavify.
    11. Vegetable and chapatti is allowed in tiffin.
    12. Student should take all unit tests.
    13. Student should not absent. Continuously absent will be fined.