Welcome to Yashvantrao Chavan English School , Supkhela

Education plays a great role in the life of everyone all through the life Getting proper education is very necessary to get success & happy

Therfore by the blessing of god,"Shri. Motiramji Thakare Education Society" has been established in 1983 for this noble & great course. The society runs various eucational institutions & school. "Yashvantrao Chavan English School , Supkhela" has begun 2013 in order to give all round education, which is dire need to today's society.

Yashvantrao Chavan English School , Supkhela's aims to work at education for social excellence which is the vision of our education society. We provide advance knowledge to our students. We reach to every student personally guide them about theirs personality .Out school has a comprehensive syllabus which even average students can grasp easily it has our dream.

"We make ready our student to face any challenges of this advance world."

FROM Principal's DESKā€¦..

Mr. Gajanan Uttam Jadhav